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Costs of Clairvoyance

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Blind spots in business are a perpetual reality. Without them, the publishing industry would likely suffer from a lack of perspectives on how to manage people, time, and money. Every month a new book is released that entices or enthralls with the latest prescription to fix whatever might be ailing your business. We want to believe that finally, this time, what we truly need to know will be revealed like in a crystal ball.

A Filter of Intelligence

The truth is that every business is different and the challenges are as unique as the people who operate them. Most understand that to really uncover solutions you need to embrace an immersive experience, bring in an external expert to sift through the debris, and clear away the junk that might be blocking your business from achieving its goals. In essence, what you are paying for with the external service is to see things you cannot see, or are too close to the “picture” to see.

Expertly Done

When running a business, we often believe we can hire well, and that our people will do a great job. However, how many times have you asked your people to look after an area that is beyond their expertise? If you’ve ever wondered why certain projects never seem to go anywhere and there appears to be some buck-passing when you inquire, then this is likely a sign that your people are in need of outside help. The key to solving your blind spot is to know where to find the experts and then get them to do what needs to be done.

Fortune Told

As general practice, astrologers are trained to not share negative news with their clients even when the stars may have foretold a pending event. Experts on the other hand, are there to be present in your business, provide transparency and insight into possible solutions, and be accountable for the expertise they provide. Good news or bad news, the process of working with experts on your business blind spots will be at the very least be an illuminating experience.


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