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We add clarity by helping brands understand how customers are viewing their products and then establish effective strategies to engage with them.


Our approach is fully transparent and consultative. We are all about making connections, managing relationships, and providing solutions. We work with you to manage pricing and promotions, and share in the knowledge of how to deal with the expectations of corporate accounts. Most importantly we provide end-to-end sales service to drive volume growth quickly and sustainably.



We work with you to develop a strategic sales conversion path so that you can more clearly understand how customers are viewing and engaging with your brand. We develop strategies at the executive level, essentially acting as your VP of Sales, and advise on the best ways to go to market.


We provide Canadian food industry market research, expertise in government relations, import regulations, packaging and label requirements, translation services, trade show management solutions, and customized retail promotions.


We manage marketing and promotion activity through email marketing and online ads. We leverage our creative agency relationships to ensure our clients brands are more visible in the marketplace.


Our expertise also extends to managing agreements and relationships with group procurement organizations (GPOs), distributors, multi-unit end-users, in addition to developing responses to request for proposals (RFPs) and tenders.


We work with distributors and retailers to help drive your sales goals. We are well equipped to manage your virtual or live trade show experience. Our CRM system is robust so you can be confident each conversation has context, and customers receive personalized, timely follow up.


Our shared services model means we can provide your company greater efficiency than if you were to hire a sales and marketing department of your own. By spreading our services across a portfolio of clients, we can provide them at a lower cost than if manufacturers were to do it themselves.

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